10th Anniversary of Macro Advisory Partners

MAP’s 10th anniversary takes place against a backdrop of profound geopolitical shocks and geoeconomic shifts.

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The world is transitioning from a three-decade period of globalisation that was integrating, free-market based and deflationary to a new, multidecade phase of globalisation that will be fragmenting, industrial-strategy based and inflationary. We see a world in which policy itself – monetary, fiscal, industrial, geostrategic, climate, energy and technology – will be at the centre of global opportunity and risk.

Our firm originated with an idea: in a fragmenting world, understanding the intersection of policy, politics and economics will be ever more important for decision-makers everywhere. In the decade since then, we have been privileged to advise the world’s leading companies, organisations and investors on the opportunities and risks that emerged from the Archipelago World we identified as the defining trend of the global economy.

From deepening US-China competition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this decades-long shift culminated in what we consider to be a profound change that has made our trusted macro counsel even more relevant to corporate and organisational strategy. We have succeeded by providing tailored, actionable counsel to clients seeking to be proactive and resilient in this new political and economic landscape.

As we look to the next decade, we continue to find opportunities where others see risks. We provide answers where others raise questions, and confidence where others sow doubt. We take pride in advising clients that change the world. Our mission of trusted counsel has never mattered more.

Nader Mousavizadeh