Our Impact

We help companies, investors and organisations successfully navigate a fragmenting global economy.

Every decision maker faces new challenges in a world where capital, power, talent and technology have shifted into a complex new order. Our work empowers leaders to make confident decisions in uncertain times.

Guiding a European manufacturer on the macro diligence steps needed to minimise supply-chain risk

In a fragmenting world, governments and companies are reassessing their dependence on goods, components and raw materials produced globally, leaving them vulnerable to supply-chain disruptions. We conducted a major risk review for our client, analysing its global footprint and identifying nearly 100 different macro threats to monitor for early detection of risks.

Enabling a global engineering firm to get ahead of its competitors as green energy transforms the industry

The energy transition will have a significant impact on business costs, risks and opportunities for all international organisations as governments prioritise energy security and aim for ambitious net-zero targets. We delivered a comprehensive macro strategy that helped our client anticipate and navigate changes in the global energy transition, giving it a competitive edge.

Power generation mill

Helping a US technology firm develop a new commercial playbook amid regulatory barriers in key markets

Tech companies face an increasingly diverse, fragmented and complex regulatory environment across key markets. Working closely with our client, we assessed its existing policy footprint, leveraged our extensive network for tailored insights and structured a roadmap to reposition our client’s approach in an evolving European regulatory landscape.

Counselling a global investment firm on shifting US geopolitical dynamics

The US is facing pressures to diversify its economy away from China amid competitive challenges and supply-chain vulnerabilities. We delivered a comprehensive macro audit across the client’s firm, helping it identify the risks and opportunities in an evolving business environment.

Helping a global industrial client manage its operations and investments in Saudi Arabia

Over a number of years we have advised a US-headquartered global industrial client on its operations and investments in Saudi Arabia, focusing on the local environment and domestic politics that might impact the durability of its operations and the international drivers (particularly US-Middle East relationships and US domestic politics) that could impact the stability of its investment.

Buildings in Saudi Arabia

Minimising risk for a major European manufacturer with operations in China

Asia is at the centre of increasingly fragmented and economically uncertain global markets. We conducted a review of scenarios around US-China decoupling and the potential impact on our client’s business. We helped identify weaknesses and plan for the future amid a constantly shifting outlook.

Manufacturer in China

Ensuring operational reliability for a global consumer firm with manufacturing bases in Mexico

Mexico endured major growth setbacks during the pandemic, while a more interventionist political landscape made it an unpredictable place to do business. We provided analysis and insight into the political and commercial environment affecting our client’s operations, helping to identify and mitigate any threats to its North American supply chains.

Advising a global company on safeguarding digital networks after the invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatened to lead to the first-ever cyber war and several companies sought advice on how to prepare. We advised clients to implement specific and crucial mitigation initiatives that often led to broader risk discussions for key markets with their boards.

Patona bridge

Counselling philanthropies and non-profit organisations on complex multilateral dynamics and opportunities

Even as prospects for international cooperation becomes more limited, topics such as sustainable development, global health, poverty eradication and climate action require multilateral engagement. We help our clients assess the multilateral landscape, navigate the risks of fragmentation and build effective strategies for partnership and impact.

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Enabling a multinational logistics company safely navigate Taiwan’s disruptive cyber landscape

To help our client understand the vulnerabilities and signals for change in Taiwan’s political and security landscape, we developed potential scenarios focused on short-term events and inflection points, assessed how they might affect its business and the wider sector, and created mitigation and reaction plans. As a result of our risk assessment and analytical work, our client was able to continue working in the region with confidence.

Helping a European consumer goods business refine its growth strategy in West Africa

Africa’s economic future is being enhanced by megatrends including demographic growth, urbanisation, technological transformation and the green transition. Yet many African countries still face a challenging business environment. We helped our client understand the growth potential and macro risk landscape for eight key West African markets, allowing it to refine its short- and medium-term growth strategy and investment plan for the region.

African continent