Latin America

Understand how political uncertainty in resource-rich Latin America will impact global trade and supply chains

Will the region lean towards nationalist or free-market policies? How will supply chains to the US and Canada hold up in the face of Mexican manufacturing uncertainty?

We help clients understand the geopolitical context of the Latin America region, so they can balance opportunities with risks.

“Latin American countries face a choice between an inward-looking protectionism and a continued focus on trade as China seeks access to the region’s resources.”

Shannon O’Neil

Managing Director

Shannon leads our advisory practice on global trade and industrial policy, and advises our clients on political and economic issues impacting markets in Latin America. She is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Our Impact | Latin America

Ensuring operational reliability for a global consumer firm with manufacturing bases in Mexico

Mexico endured major growth setbacks during the pandemic, while a more interventionalist political landscape made it an unpredictable place to do business. We provided analysis and insight into the political and commercial environment affecting our client’s operations, helping to identify and mitigate any threats to its North American supply chains.