Catherine Fieschi
Senior Advisor

Catherine is a leading European politics expert, who focuses on populism and contemporary forms of mobilisation and protest. She was the director of Counterpoint, a London-based research and advisory group that provides businesses, non-profits and decision makers with strategic insights on how to manage new forms of social and political risk and their effects on global politics and markets.

A leading scholar and comparative analyst on political, social and cultural dynamics, Catherine is a longstanding adviser to French political leaders and campaigns. She is also a senior member of the Singapore government’s Centre for Strategic Futures. 

Catherine is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL and was previously a senior visiting fellow at St Anthony’s College, Oxford. She was also director of the think tank Demos and director of research at the British Council.

Catherine holds a PhD in comparative politics from McGill University. She has published two books, including Populocracy: The Tyranny of Authenticity and the Rise of Populism (2019).