Uwe Corsepius
Senior Advisor

Uwe served at the highest levels in the EU and German government. He was Head of Department for European policy in the German Federal Chancellery and previously spent four years as secretary general of the Council of the European Union. 

Uwe started his career at the German Federal Ministry of Economics, before transferring to the Federal Chancellery to become an economist in the Policy Department at the IMF. He became head of the Chancellery Division for Economic Issues relating to European Integration, before being appointed head of the Division for G8, IMF, WTO and International Financial Market Issues.

Uwe has been head of the Group for European Policy Coordination, Economic Aspects of the European Integration and spent five years as head of Department for European Policy, before becoming head of Department of Economic and Financial Policies. 

Uwe holds a PhD in political sciences from Kiel University. He graduated in business studies from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, before completing further studies at the Kiel Institute for World Economics.